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It's in our blood

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The team at Cricklewood Angus is passionate about black cattle. The stud is supervised by Humphry Bayly and managed by Hutton Powdrell. We are fortunate to be able to draw on the knowledge and experience of John Bayly, who supervised the stud for 30 years prior to Humphry’s appointment.

With grandsons Max and Archie making up the stud Management Team, it’s very much a family affair. With this team behind us, we are confident Cricklewood Angus is moving in the right direction.

“My father believed that Angus outperformed other breeds. I have always found that to be true. It is why Angus is the most widespread beef breed in the country.” - John Bayly

Cricklewood Angus is a small premium cattle stud focused on producing some of the best genetics New Zealand has to offer. We aim to produce positive impact bulls that are structurally sound with a great temperament and type. We also focus on producing strongly maternal females that will calve easily and successfully rear calves in the drought prone East Coast.

Our cattle are run on the hills, testing constitution and doability. Progeny are expected to perform well on the steep hill country of the family owned Tahaenui, Cricklewood and Te Tiki stations. Cricklewood Angus bulls are bred primarily to increase the long term profitability of beef cattle production on these properties

The stud consists of 120 breeding females - the backbone of the herd.

About 50 bulls are recorded and grown each year, with close to 30 of these being used across the family commercial cow herds. We exclusively offer a limited number of the surplus, with stud potential at the Gisborne Combined Angus Breeders Sale.

Our bulls are bred to be  structurally sound with good feet and jaw, with the ability to perform and with a naturally quiet temperament. 

Bulls used on the family owned properties are expected to serve around 3000 females, so it’s essential that our breeding fundamentals are met. These are in order of importance:

  • fertility
  • structural soundness
  • confirmation/constitution
  • performance 

Through Breedplan we are looking to lift our performance in growth, carcase and fertility and we strive to improve on our phenotypic traits while retaining our type. We are not aiming for the highest EBVs but endeavour to utilise and understand their value. We are aiming for moderation across the board, producing strong hill country cattle that work hard for us!

The last few years has seen Cricklewood Angus in expansion mode. We are keen to take advantage of the global opportunities offered today and with fingers on the pulse of technology, we are achieving this through ET flush programmes and heifer purchases from several well-known and respected studs throughout New Zealand.