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Cricklewood Angus was established in 1935 by Humphry Bayly senior. The foundation cattle were twelve two-year-old heifers from F. Armstrong, Akitio, six cows, two 18-month heifers and two heifer calves from R.J.Bell, Ben Lomond, at his dispersal sale and a bull from HB Williams of Turihaua Stud.

The stud was originally situated at Cricklewood Station but in 1937 was relocated to its present location at Tahaenui Station, Nuhaka, Wairoa.

In 1951 Humphry visited Scotland and personally selected three bulls; Empire of Incheoch, Prince Powerful of Hampton Lucy and Junolier of Dalmeny.  As well as females from the Dalmeny cow families, Miss Burgess and Erica.

In his first season Empire of Incheoch left seven bull calves, five of which were sold for an average price of 1144gns as yearlings. Empire was shown for the first time in New Zealand at the Hawke’s Bay Show in October 1953 and was Champion Bull and winner of the meat and wool cup for the best beef animal at the show.

In 1954 Mr Bayly returned to Scotland and  attended the Perth Bull Sales, he was outbid on Lot 538  by John Arnott of Haymount so purchased a bull, Black Idol of Barnoldby, for 1900 gns. He also bought two heifers bred by the Earl of Rosebery at his Dalmeny stud, both “Prides”. 

In 1957 he purchased Georgic of Haymount - the champion bull at the St Boswells Sale in that year - for 2500gns. Georgic was a decendant of the famous Keystone of Dunvica. He sired Europic of Cricklewood which won the Brackenfield Rose Bowl at the national Female sale in Dannevirke in 1962.

In that year Mr Bayly returned to the Perth bull sales, purchasing Gladhand and Equand of Kimermony. This was a truly important time for the Cricklewood Angus Stud, in 1955 three yearling heifers, Rhythm, Royal and Rosette, were exported to the Terrinalum Pastoral Company of Victoria, Australia. In 1956 Empire 39th of Cricklewood  was exported to Michael White of Baldblair, New South Wales and in 1963 the cow Xult of Cricklewood  was sold to Dr JJ Hicks of Alabama, USA.

Following a period of considerable success at Wairoa, Gisborne and Hawke’s Bay shows it was decided to operate on a low key basis and to offer bulls for private sale only.

In the last few years Cricklewood Angus has returned to the sale ring with considerable success and looks forward to an equally booming future!

Humphry Bayly Sr had difficulty in obtaining sufficient bulls for the family’s hill country properties, so he decided to breed them!