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Cricklewood Angus is excited to present 15 bulls for auction on the 24th June at the Gisborne Combined Angus Breeders sale, we do hope you'll join us.




Post World Angus Forum tour to Cricklewood

What a week! The New Zealand hosted World Angus forum has been an impressive event. A real credit to the breed in NZ and the people who made it happen. The 150 year dinner was a spectacle alongside the youth event and the world class conference speakers.

The post forum tour travelled the east coast and other North Island venues as it displayed the best of the countrys grass fed angus beef sysytems.

Delegates visited Tahaenui station, the home of Cricklewood Angus. The family was proud to present a selection of 2 year and yearling bulls/heifers as well as mature cows with calves at foot. The Tahaenui homestead gardens were converted to an arena for the display of the stud cattle- with the rugged Wairoa hills in the backdrop. Described as an 'oasis' the gardens were groomed to perfection for display and was appreciated by all. 

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Guests were treated to a beautiful lunch of scotch fillet and ham on the bone as well as a few tasty white bait fritters caught from the Tahaenui stream that meanders through the station.

An impressive display of clydesdale draught horses were an absolute feature. Steve Muggeridge and Bruce Holden have been outstanding in working the horses and their preperation of the animals for the event. The Cricklewood Angus and Cobb & Co carts were drawn through the homestead gardens to be admired.

The tour was a follow up to the Cricklewood trade stand at Rotorua over the forum week and was an excellent oppurtunity to launch the studs new website and branding. Feedback was excellent, marketing has paid off. Cricklewood Angus was proud to be a forum silver sponser, as the event on a whole was absolutely world class!

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The family is looking forward to hosting the angus community and those interested in March 2014 for the New Zealand Angus ward tour. 

Enquiries and visits welcome as always.

New Zealand bull leads in conception rates

The Angus Sire Benchmarking Program in Australia has now finished its AI program for the second joining involving 2,336 Angus females.  These cows have been pregnancy scanned to identify the females that were pregnant to the AI program.

Eight NZ bulls were included in the 2011 joining after semen was collected and shipped to Australia.  The highest conception rate of any bull was recorded by Tangihau 672 nominated by John Bayly of Cricklewood Angus.

Tangihau 672 was joined to 58 females and 45 of these conceived to AI for a conception rate of 78%. 

Coordinator of the program Bob Dent said this was a great result - “The target number of pregnancies was 20 to 25 pregnancies to provide enough progeny for progeny testing.  Tangihau 672 has certainly met this target.”

He added, “It is a wonderful contrast to have a bull that gets over three cows pregnant for every four inseminations.”

The average conception rate for all 57 bulls used in the program was 52.4%, above the target of 50% and a very acceptable result from fixed time single insemination.

Nominations for the third and final joining in the Benchmarking Program are now being accepted.  Bob Dent says, “We would love to have more high conception rate bulls involved.”  

New Zealand Angus Cattleman

Cricklewood was featured in a recent article in the New Zealand Angus Cattleman. See the article titled - ‘Steep country, strong cattle’ pages 13-17. Download PDF

Rural TV feature

The Cricklewood Angus Stud was recently featured on the Rural TV website. Watch the video.